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You Are What You Repeatedly Do

First you make your habits, & then your habits make you. You become a slave to your constantly repeated acts. What at first you choose, at last compels.

Your habits are either the best of servants or the worst of masters. Your thoughts lead you on to a purpose, your purposes go forth in action.

Your actions form your habits. Your habits determine your character, & your character fixes your destiny. Once in motion, a pattern stays in motion.

Make it a habit to pamper yourself! :o)
Love, Debbie

A Wonderful Mother

God made a wonderful mother, A mother who never grows old.

He made her smile of the sunshine, He molded her heart of pure gold.

In her eyes He placed bright shining stars, In her cheeks, fair roses you see.

God made that wonderful mother, And gave that dear mother to me.

Love, Tudie

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Twice In A Week!!!

OK Guys!!!!   It's a record!!!!   I use to be here bunches, now I hang around Myspace, but, I neglect friends there too.  Rarely do I play with my 'pet' anymore.  for relaxation and a 'pass-time', I sing karaoke, and have some friends there.  They are too kind.  They say I sound good.  However, like aything else, there are the unkind one's there, that have gotten me to where I wanted to quit.  But, I didn't.  I know I can't sing, but I enjoy it and I have fun.  Isn't that what it's about anyway??  I'm not looking for a Nashville contract!!!!!  I couldn't even score a 'birthday kid party' contract with a clown suit on.  Come on people, lighten up already!!!!!

Anyway, it really is good to be back here at home, where my blogging days began.  Lots of old friends have moved on to other things and other places, I only hope they have found what they were looking for in life.  Sadly, I guess, I won't ever know.  But, my fondness and the memories and love for them will always be in my heart.

Today started out to be a bummer, like at 6 AM, but, things are looking up for me now.  I was badly betrayed and felt saddened that I was lied to.  The truth always has a way of surfacing, doesn't it?   Why is it though, that it always, without fail, costs me in some way?   I have to learn the NO word.  That's all there is to it.  For my own sanity.  

I hope everyone has a joyous day and is filled with love, laughter and sunshine.  Even if it's raining!   Love to all.........


Posted at 06:49 am by Beeba

August 6, 2010   11:39 AM PDT
Thanks guys!!! Love you all!!!!!

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